Healthier Way’s fresh Organic Veggie Noodles are made from the finest 100% USA sourced vegetables. Providing great nutrition, they are a healthy alternative to regular noodles to use in your favourite recipes. With 5 exciting varieties to choose from you will find a Healthier Way Veggie Noodles for any occasion. Varieties available:

  • Organic Beet
  • Organic Butternut Squash
  • Organic Carrot
  • Organic Sweet Potato
  • Organic Zucchini


Beet: Organic Beet (100%)
Butternut Squash: Organic Butternut Squash (100%)
Carrot: Organic Carrot (100%)
Sweet Potato: Organic Sweet Potato (100%)
Zucchini: Organic Zucchini 100%)


Butternut Squash


Sweet Potato